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ABOUT US | Ciagaderma
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Ciaga Skincare : At A Glance

Get ready for a remarkable journey to experience skin health, wellness and beauty that enhance you within., Ciaga has been formed with the objective of building up a pharmaceutical organization only centered around dermatology with a subject therapeutic to aesthetics.

We are focused on conveying inventive medicinal answers for meet the dermatological needs of individuals all through their lifetime while serving social insurance experts around the globe for this we have tie up with our European and South Asain Partners.

By having our patients and clients at the heart of all that we expect to give most recent creative method and medications in dermatology.

By giving an arrangement of medicine, self-pharmaceutical and stylish and remedial answers for backing the long lasting difficulties of skin conditions.

By banding together with dermatologists, dermatological foundations, other social insurance experts, therapeutic, the scholarly world, open administration and business groups.

To have any kind of effect in the lives of individuals all around through our inventive pharmaceuticals, immunizations, biologic treatments, and creature wellbeing items. We seek to be the best social insurance organization on the planet and are committed to giving driving developments and answers for tomorrow.

To find, create and give imaginative items and administrations that spare and enhance lives far and wide.

Ciaga is committed to continually build trust and improve her mutually beneficial relationships with customers and our business associates, and will ensure value adding, innovative, solutions for Branded pharma, generic pharma, and OTC companies. Through our expertise and our products and services, we strive to be the most preferred to Pharma Industry.

Quality Without Compromise: The Ciaga Difference

Ciaga R&D is consistently devoted to finding new restorative arrangements, offering doctors more alternatives and offering patients a superior personal satisfaction. Five cutting edge R&D focuses and six assembling locales are committed to giving an extensive variety of creative therapeutic arrangements which meet the most elevated benchmarks of security and viability.

Our Quality Assurance

  • cGMP Accredited
  • WHO
  • ISO 9001 – 2008 Certified

Ciaga Pvt Ltd is a company based on knowledge and expertise. We work closely with universities, hospitals and research Institutes to get relevant information on skincare needs and the effective management of various skin disorders and diseases. Ciagaencourages partnerships. We favor continuous improvement and ongoing initiatives to provide quality products to physicians, other caregivers and pharmacists. Moreover, we have extended Loan Licence to other MNCs thereby to enhance our product and service offerings and to achieve the full potential of products and process involved therein.

  • Personal Commitment
  • High Integrity
  • Strong Teamwork
  • Achievement Oriented
  • Creation of Opportunities
  • Shared Sense of Satisfaction

Our Commitment To Our Employees

To continue to provide a respectful and quality work environment that promotes their development who actively participate in the wellness of patients and the growth of the company. Thanks to their outstanding work, dedication to patients and perseverance, our employees bring our vision to life every day. We are proud of the extensive knowledge, talent and experience of our employees who work to improve the lives of our country.

Our Strategy

In a rapidly changing marketplace, establish who our true customers are, what drives them, how we can communicate with them, how we can bring them differentiating added value so they bring added value to CIAGA PVT LTD.